September E-Journal Spotlight

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September Database Spotlight

Behavioral and Mental Health Online

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Our new streaming video database includes clinical mental health demonstrations, video of real clinical mental health sessions, largest amount of DSM-5®/ICD-10 video content, documentaries on the human condition, psychotherapy transcripts, client narratives, reference works, clinical mental health textbooks and workbooks, psychological experiments and more.

And it contains nearly 3,500 e-books!

(Note: BMHO contains, and replaces, Counseling and Therapy in Video I & II)

New Monthly Spotlights!

For those unfamiliar, Haggerty Library highlights some of our online tools and resources each month. Databases, DVDs, streaming video, and journals all get the spotlight.

So, to start us off, here is the DVD Spotlight for August/September:

Fast Color

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Watch for more Spotlights in future posts!

You can also find New Arrival books and our full DVD collection right inside the Learning Commons.

Welcome back!

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Welcome/back from Haggerty Library! We hope you had a nice summer. Library staff are always ready to help with your assignments, papers, and projects. Or just to check out cool stuff.

In your library you can, among other things:

  • Check out books, DVDs, laptops, and iPads
  • Use a Study Room
  • Print in color
  • Create your own group study spaces
  • Study on the Quiet Floor (the 2nd floor)

What’s new (some based on your spaces feedback from the spring!):

  • More power! We added power strips with plugs and USB and lamps (some with USB) on both floors (but more on the 2nd floor). More to come in the spring semester!
  • Two new, more-private study spots on the 2nd floor.
  • New DVDs and books added

Stop on by! And we’re always open online!

And please watch for more ways to add our voice to our spaces feedback, part 2!

Haiku Contest Winners!

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Congratulations to our 2019 Haiku Contest winners! Read the winning entries below. And you can read last year’s winners here.

A huge thank you to all who submitted, and we’ll see you next National Poetry Month!

1st place: Adia Kolell

Wittgenstein’s Beetle Box

beetle in a box 

who can feel your pain but you?

it is your beetle


2nd place: Jane St. Peter

It is Time

Time to spring, to thank,

To play, explore, pray and soar.

Past has past, move on.


3rd place: Brian Markovich

Papercuts Like a Knife

Refill paper, please!

Fresh ream loaded in machine.

Sorry, toner out!


[featured photo: statue image of haiku master, Matsuo Bashō, from]

Celebrating Earth Day

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As we celebrate this lovely Earth Day, in addition to reading about and advocating against climate change (today and daily), let’s also acknowledge businesses that are doing just that, among many other good deeds.

Businesses, both large and small, are all around us and online, and it’s good to know that so many actively care about more than their bottom line.

Learn out about certified B Corporations here, and then go read and share some poetry. It’s still National Poetry Month, too!

[featured image: image from Progressives for Immigration]

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month Poster 2019

image from – designed by a high school student contest winner

National Poetry Month is underway and Haggerty Library invites you to check out our National Poetry Month Guide, chock full of multimedia poetry sites and ideas.

Thursday, April 18 is Poem in Your Pocket Day and you can find printed poems to grab from our display in the Learning Commons. Read, share, repeat!

Browse the Haggerty Library main collection on the 2nd floor (in the 811s) for classic and contemporary poetry books, as well as Ebook Central for plenty of poetry e-books.

Lastly, please submit an original haiku for Haggerty Library’s Haiku Contest! Prizes are awarded to the top 3 haiku! Find contest rules right here.

Read and share poetry year ‘round!