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More new movies!

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More new movies, both big and small, hit our DVD shelves today, including Suicide Squad, The Birth of a Nation, Sully, Swiss Army Man, and Doctor Strange.

As we near the Oscars this Sunday, settle in for some movie watching soon!

Posted by: haggertylibrary | February 17, 2017

Fighting for the truth

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Since fake news/lies/propaganda is still emanating from our nation’s capital, it’s worth highlighting teachers’ mighty role in helping students wade through the word bog.

Education majors take note: this problem could be around a while.

Check this NPR story here, or related articles here and here.

Posted by: haggertylibrary | February 1, 2017

Black History Month begins today!

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It’s Black History Month! Haggerty Library has a display in the Learning Commons and a Guide here. It contains sites to explore and highlights from the library.

Education students should also visit Teaching Tolerance for anti-bias lesson plans and ideas for this month honoring the many contributions of African Americans to American history and culture. Celebrate and learn about African American history all year ’round!

Posted by: haggertylibrary | January 31, 2017

Gulp, but good, in a way

Yesterday’s post was about news hoaxes/fake news/propaganda and verifying your sources. Today, we see that the longstanding French newspaper, Le Monde, has identified 600–yes, you read that right–fake news sites from around the globe.

Vive le journalism! And facts!

Posted by: haggertylibrary | January 30, 2017

“Fake News” and You

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As protests over various policies from the new administration continue around the US, Haggerty Library feels compelled to address a term floating around out there, loose.

“Fake news,” as it is commonly known, means, depending on who’s talking about it, news stories that are hoaxes, or news stories that are hated by certain people. They go viral and it’s hard to track down their origin. Often they are fabricated for, yes, money. Dudes in other countries have created a whole unsavory industry around this.

Whether it goes by fake news, hoax, or propaganda, Haggerty Library can help you evaluate potential sources in any arena.

It’s called the P.A.R.C. Method, and you can find out more on handouts in the library and on our My Mount Mary page. Head there now. Stay aware out there!

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And We’re Off…


Welcome back, or welcome to the spring semester at Mount Mary!

As always, library staff are always ready to help with your assignments, papers, and projects. In-person, on the phone, or online!

As a reminder, in your library you can, among other things:

  • Check out books, DVDs, laptops, and iPads
  • Book a Study Room
  • Print in color
  • Create your own group study spaces
  • Study on the quiet floor (the 2nd floor)

Off-campus library users, please peruse the TOPCAT login steps for access to our online resources.

Find library hours HERE.

To see a results snapshot from our fall 2016 Library Survey, please click HERE. And to see how students used Haggerty Library last school year, click HERE.

Have a great semester, and follow this blog!

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Library Survey Week is here!

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Please help Haggerty Library & Learning Commons continue to improve our services by filling out our short, anonymous online survey.

Fill it out online by clicking here, or by visiting the library home page.

The survey will be open through Friday, December 9. And be sure to register for the $25 gift card drawing!

Thank you for participating!

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Next week: Library Survey Week


Watch Monday’s announcements for the survey link, or find it on the library home page and in Haggerty Help Guides.

Thanks in advance for participating!

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Library Study Spaces

As finals grow closer, please note and take advantage of the variety of Haggerty Library study areas!

If you need or want to talk, choose from study rooms, the Learning Commons, or the library café space. If you need or want quiet, head up to the 2nd floor.

Learn more about all our study spaces right here. And to reserve study rooms (highly recommended as the semester moves along), please log into Spacefinder. Please see library staff with any questions! And please keep showtunes confined to Parkway Place. 🙂

Posted by: haggertylibrary | November 17, 2016

National Book Award Winners

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The National Book Awards were announced last night, and Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad won for fiction. This novel about an actual railroad whisking slaves away to freedom was one of three pointedly race-related winners this year. (Also see a previous post about the Man Booker prize winner, The Sellout.)

Other winners included Ibram X. Kendi, in non-fiction, for Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America, Daniel Borzutzky, in poetry, for The Performance of Becoming Human, and for Young People’s Literature, John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell (Artist), for March: Book Three, a graphic novel.

Haggerty Library will work on getting these winners (and some finalists) into the collection very soon!

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