Halloween Verse

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On this Hallow’s Eve, please enjoy(?) some spooky poems, compiled by the Academy of American Poets, who also oversee National Poetry Month (coming in April!).

Click here to read!

Plus, plenty by and about Edgar Allan Poe here!

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Horror Reads

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On this blustery -spooky?-day, here are three scary book lists for all of your free time.

The Best Horror Novelists (Who Happen to be Female)

25 Top Horror Books According to Goodreads Users

And a ridiculously HUGE horror list, also from Goodreads.

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Banned Books Week Top 5, #1

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Reasons: banned, challenged, and relocated because it was believed to encourage children to clear browser history and change their bodies using hormones, and for mentioning “dirty magazines,” describing male anatomy, “creating confusion,” and including a transgender character

(last year’s #5)

So, that wraps up our Banned Books Week 2019! Our Banned Books Week Guide will be available through Oct. 5.

Thanks for reading this week, and keep exploring and exercising your freedom to read!

And read a banned book. You likely already have.

Banned Books Week Top 5, #5

Welcome to Haggerty Library’s annual coverage of Banned Books Week, the annual celebration of your freedom to read!

For starters, check out our Banned Books Week Guide right here. It will be available through October 5, 2018.

Then follow this blog all week for details about the top 5 challenged and banned books this year.

When available at Haggerty Library, you’ll be able to click on the cover image to find availability.

Without further adieu, we give you…#5!

(last year’s #3)