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Attention all Fashion students: the September Issue is here in the library! And now, you can also find it in Flipster, our new digital magazine database! Flip through the full issue today!

Note: scroll down after you click the link

See what’s new!

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At your Haggerty Library, as with everything else, things change or update a mile a minute. See below for some new resources to try out:

  • Flipster, our new digital magazine database, full of big color fashion, business, and other design titles. More to come!
  • Fashion Snoops has new content, like Palette Builder and a culture section.
    • Please note that you now have to create a free Fashion Snoops login, but it does enhance your experience!
  • Laptops, which you can now check out for 4 hours
  • We received plenty of new DVDs and books over the summer! See some examples on our Library News page.
  • New help documents directly on our library home page! This was based on suggestions from our Spring library survey!

Welcome back!

Welcome, or welcome back from Haggerty Library! We hope you had a nice summer. Library staff are always ready to help with your assignments, papers, and projects. In-person, on the phone, or online!

In your library you can, among other things:

  • Check out books, DVDs, laptops, and iPads
  • Book a Study Room
  • Print in color
  • Create your own group study spaces
  • Study on the quiet floor (the 2nd floor)

Off-campus library users, please peruse TOPCAT login procedures for access to our online resources.

Find library hours HERE.

And to see results from our spring 2016 Library Survey, please click HERE.

Have a great semester!

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

So, this was in May. You know, when everyone is stressed about the end of the semester? And campus is usually silent by mid-month?

This blog is normally silent in summer, but since school is about to start again(!), it seemed like a good time for a belated nod to Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.

Here are some cool sites to peruse:

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month home

New Pacific Islander Poetry

Michael D. Brown Asian American Art Collection

ArtAsiaAmerica artists page

28 Asian-American Filmmakers You Need To Know