Library Study Spaces

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As your studying grows even busier nearing Finals, please note the variety of Haggerty Library study areas!

If you want or need to talk, choose from the group study rooms, the Learning Commons, or the library café space. If you need quiet, head up to the 2nd floor. And when you’re on the Quiet Floor, please walk to and from your study spaces quietly as well.

Find full details about all our study spaces right here.

As everybody deals with stress differently, please be considerate in your volume as you work or talk in the Learning Commons. And please note a new policy: take lengthy or loud phone calls in the café space!

And to reserve study rooms (highly recommended), please head to Spacefinder. It’s just a few steps. Please see library staff with questions!

Thanks for using your Haggerty Library, and may your hard work pay off!

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