April Free Database Trials

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Haggerty Library is offering three free database trials this month!

They include:

  • Food Science Source
  • HeinOnline
  • OTDbase (coming soon!)

Try them out on our Library News page here, or on our Databases A-Z page.

And please offer us feedback via the brief polls linked with each resource. Your feedback helps us make planning decisions!

And…Another Primo Glitch

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Over the weekend, requesting options stopped showing up in Primo. 

Insert collective sigh here. We are working with the vendor to solve the issue.

For now, your best option is to use resources in Databases A-Z and then email the library your article request at mmu-library@mtmary.edu. (Please note that the University is closed on Jan. 30 for extreme weather.) Or just keep track and request when that feature returns soon.

We’ll post again when the issue is resolved. We are really sorry for the inconvenience!

New Feature in Primo

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If you’re researching in Primo (and we hope you are), we updated and moved the form for placing a “blank” Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request. It’s now located on the top toolbar and is called Cite & Go!

You’d need this if you have a citation that you can’t readily find in Primo. All is not lost! Just copy and paste a few pieces of information, and a librarian will find it and request it on your behalf!

Then you’ll get notified when it’s here (or get a PDF in your email). And, in case you haven’t seen, you can track all your ILL requests in your Primo account, see due dates, and soon request ILL renewals as well.

Primo Update IV

We’ve hit a couple of snags with Primo that we need to report.

The search box is not functioning properly, so when you search and end up in Primo, there’s no search box when you get there.

To work around this, you can:

  • Hit the refresh button Image result for refresh icon in your browser. This will engage another search box.
  • Use this link instead, until we get this fixed: https://switch-mmwlc.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/search?vid=01SLCO_MMWLC:MMU

Sorry for any inconvenience! We’re getting there!

Primo Update III: it is now live!

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Today’s the day: our new library catalog, Primo, is live!

Head to our home page to test drive it. It’s the new search box!

And find our Primo Search help guide here, on our Ask a Librarian page, or in Haggerty Help Guides. And find a new handout in the Learning Commons.

(Please note that the Primo Search guide is still a work in progress. We will add more in the coming weeks! Contact a librarian for immediate assistance.)