Best Books of 2018

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We know your pleasure reading time is…limited, but books make everything better, so here we go…

NPR has compiled their list of 2018’s best books. It’s overwhelming, and great! What would be on yours?

Check out more “best of” lists below:

New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books

The Year in Books (from WBUR, Boston)

Most Popular on Goodreads

Best Books for Adults (from the New York Public Library)

And, for bookish fun, the 2018 Millions Gift Guide for Readers and Writers

Get to Know Primo!

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Meet Primo! Coming in January @ Haggerty Library.

Why Primo? Haggerty Library belongs to SWITCH, a southeast Wisconsin group of 8 academic libraries who share resources and am online catalog. SWITCH library Directors and staff made the decision and have been working on this major transition since the spring of 2018.

Like WorldCat Discovery before it, Primo is a powerful research tool covering multiple library formats. Primo will also be a springboard to other Haggerty Library resources. And requesting and library account options will be much more plentiful and streamlined!

What’s new:

  • A personalized search experience, including search history and keeping track of all your requests. In one spot.
  • Signing in gives you this full array of options, plus requesting and more!
  • This login syncs with your Mount Mary email! No more separate library login!

What’s next:

  • When you return from the holiday break, Primo will be up and running!
  • Check it out then on the library home page
  • Sign into your account right away to start familiarizing yourself with all the cool new options

And we’d LOVE your feedback on Primo, so look for the Feedback button on our home page in the spring.