Posted by: haggertylibrary | September 7, 2016

Printing in the Library

Updates to campus printing this past summer have caused some confusion. Sorry for that! The good news is you have some new options: printing to anywhere on campus from anywhere on campus, and printing from your own device. Cool, right?

The “meh” news is the basic printing process has changed for returning students. Hopefully, in time, you’ll get used to it.

Here are the basic steps for all:

  1. Click Print
  2. Choose StudentBlackWhite (for black and white) or StudentColor (for color)
    1. Note that these are not printers, but different pathways
  3. Head to the Print Release Station (fastest for B&W!) or multi function printer or log into PaperCut
  4. Release your job(s)
    1. Click Jobs Pending Release in PaperCut
    2. The Print Release Station releases jobs directly
  5. Click Print (or cancel)
  6. Choose your printer
    1. Note that if you chose color, your only option will be the multi function printer

Specific to the library, there’s a new printer and Print Release Station outside of H110. You can also log in and release directly from the multi function printer.

The two printers for the library are:

HLComRicoh (color, B&W, 2-sided)

HLCommons-laser (B&W, 2-sided)

Please direct any PaperCut issues, like jobs not showing up or not being able to log in, to IT, or see their My Mount Mary page (which will also explain printing from your own device). Otherwise, library staff can try to help! Click the image above for a colorful handout.

Thanks for your patience during this transition.


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