Posted by: haggertylibrary | June 9, 2015

Library System Update!

UPDATE: August 25. Finally, after a long, bumpy summer, WorldCat Discovery is here! To explore, start in the home page search box. To learn about the known issues with WorldCat, please click What is Discovery? above the search box, or click here.

To give feedback on your WorldCat Discovery experience, leave a comment on this blog post or contact us.

Please remember to follow the new login instructions below.

Thanks for your patience this summer!


This weekend, beginning Friday, June 12, and running to the morning of June 15, Haggerty Library and all other SWITCH libraries will have a new TOPCAT catalog installed. As a result, the TOPCAT login and our WorldCat, which is fed data by TOPCAT, will not work normally, and off-campus database access will not work.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Off-campus article database and WorldCat access will be down
  • Some links in Haggerty Help Guides will be down
  • Most request and hold services will also be down

If you are in Wisconsin, your best bets this weekend are to use Badgerlink for research (they have some of the same major databases we do) and to take good notes or keep online bookmarks. Our services should be functioning normally by early next week.

Please watch our home page for any updates, and contact a library staff member with questions.

After the update, we will all feel like the guy above. Thank you for our patience as our research tools keep improving!


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